What is Acceptance?

Payment acceptance is the process of receiving payment from a payment source. A source can be cash, card, mobile wallet, cheque, etc. Accept is a service that facilitates accepting payments and billing customers.


Accept a variety of cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, China UnionPay, Diner’s Club and JCB. Accept mobile wallets such as Vodafone cash at your store, on the customer’s door or online. Host your own fully customized checkout experience, use virtual checkout to provide a payment platform fully hosted by Accept, use templates on your own website without rewriting your whole website. Manage your Cash options with ease. Manage your shipping or delegate to courier through Accept delivery.

Accept Panel

The administrative panel allows you to easily view and manage your transactions, orders and operations. Providing an overview of all transactions. It also facilitates integrating with collectors and couriers, managing different integrations, payment aggregation, Accept hosted acceptance solutions. Accept panel is the primary source of support with all Accept products in addition to useful analytics and business insights.

Once enough transactions are processed and sufficient data is collected, the following steps are automatically taken by the system:

  1. Data is aggregated and normalized
  2. Analytics applied by Accept
  3. Insights are presented on the panel

This provides you with valuable insights into who your customers are, on a demographic level. As well as statistical validation for any marketing campaign you start so that you can better judge the results with factual statistics.

Online Acceptance

Online acceptance refers to merchant hosted acceptance solutions. It allows you to accept payments on your own website. It can integrate with the delivery service and automatically queue orders that have been paid for delivery. It provides a seamless experience designed to work well with single page web applications, mobile applications and desktop apps.

A realtime websocket API allows for a fully integrated seamless solutions with no redirects even in the case of 3DSecure payments. SDKs written in JavaScript, Ruby, Python and Java (android) allow for easy integration. Pre-made payment forms and pages are provided which can be customized with stylesheets and served. Allowing merchants to get up and running a matter of hours. Additionally the aggregate service allows merchants to use the Accept bank account and thus bypass the time usually required in order to get started and overhead required for creating a merchant account.

By using the Accept aggregator option payments are received into a central Accept owned bank account and transferred to your account on a monthly basis. This is all done automatically.

Online acceptance allows for Mobile Wallet and Credit Card. Later in this document Integration guides and API reference is provided.

Virtual Checkout

Virtual Checkout is a service provided by Accept, it especially useful if you do not have your own development team or a website. The entire checkout and payment process is hosted on Accept server/ Possible use cases:

Payments are configured via the Accept panel, a link is provided which you send to your client. Once payment is complete you get a notification. Payment links can be configured to expire, one time use, n time use or unlimited use.

Virtual checkout allows you to start accepting payments with zero development overhead and no running costs of hosting your service.

The virtual checkout service accepts payments via credit cards and mobile wallets.

Mobile Wallet Acceptance

In addition to accepting mobile payments through the online acceptance and virtual checkout service. Accept allows merchants to directly post their orders and invoices on the mobile wallet network. This allows you to accept wallet payment without even having a website. You simply register an order to a mobile wallet identifier (phone number) and the customer receives a notification. Additionally the customer can also query to check all the orders/invoices that are associated to his/her number. Once/if the customer pays for the order you receive a notification. This service can also integrate with the delivery service in order to queue package delivery.


Accept also offers a delivery solutions, this allows you to send your orders to a courier once payment has been completed. It also supports and manages cash on delivery payment and card on delivery.


Accept store, brings all of Accpet services to your store. It allows you to accept debit/credit cards, mobile wallets and of course cash. It also allows you to manage virtual checkout for your services such as reservations.